The Family Code of the Philippines provides that “records of marriages whether performed by the Philippine Consular Officer or by the local religious or civil authorities shall be kept and transmitted to the Philippine Civil Registrar through the Department of Foreign Affairs” (Sec.664 of the Philippine Foreign Service Code).

The following are the requirements for the filing of registration of Report of Marriage at Philippine Embassy Jakarta:

1. Fully accomplished Report of Marriage Form in four (4) copies (downloadable from the


2. Four (4) (2x2) photographs each of husband and wife attached to the application forms

    (preferably white background)


3. Original marriage license/certificate with English translation and authenticated by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights and 
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country where the certificate was issued (plus three (3) photocopies)

  •     1. Ministry of Law and Human Rights
        (Dirjen AHU (Administrasi Hukum Umum Kementrian Hukum dan HAM ) 
        For Legalization Section: Gedung Ciks Jalan Cikini Raya, Jakarta Pusat
  •     2. Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)
        (Dirjen Protokol dan Konsuler Kementrian Luar Negeri)
         Address: Jl. Pejambon No. 6, Jakarta Pusat (dekat Lapangan Banten/Borobudur Hotel)

4. For divorces, Annulled or Widowed Applicants- Submit Judicial Decree of Absolute Divorce Decree or the Judicial Decree of Annulment or Declaration of nullity of his or her previous marriage, Death certificate of former spouse.

5. Four (4) photocopies of the passports of husband and wife

6. Payment of Consular fee, Rp 412,500 (cash only)

Filipinos whose marriage was solemnized by the Registry of Marriages of Indonesia should register / report their marriage at the Philippine Embassy, Indonesia, within a period of one year from the time of their marriage. Otherwise, an affidavit of late registration will be executed for such purpose.

For late registration:
Affidavit fee of Rp 412,500 (cash only)