Welcome to the official website of the Philippine Embassy in Jakarta. The Embassy aims to provide you with information on its work in Indonesia towards establishing stronger links of friendship and cooperation between the Philippines and Indonesia at both the official and personal level.The Embassy is at your service and we hope that this website will provide the information you need on the Philippines, Philippines-Indonesia relations, trade and investment matters.We have endeavored to make the website user friendly particularly for those of you who require consular services. If you have any comments or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Message from the Ambassador

Maria Rosario C. Aguinaldo
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Registration of NationalsFilipino citizens working/ residing in Indonesia are invited to register at the Embassy. for form
Validity of PassportsGreen passports are valid until the validity date indicated therein.
6 - 8 Jalan Imam Bonjol , MentengJakarta Pusat 10310 Indonesia Phone: (+6221) 310.0334 Fax: (+6221) 315.1167
IN THE MATTER OF AMENDING RESOLUTION NO. 9567 DATED DECEMBER 4, 2012 RE: POLICY TO BE ADOPTED FOR OVERSEAS VOTERS WHO FAILED TO VOTE TWICE FOR THE PURPOSE OF THE MAY 13, 2013 NATIONAL AND LOCAL ELECTIONSVisit http://www.comelec.gov.ph/oav/?r=tpl/oav_lists/list_of_overseas_absentee_voters_who_failed_to_vote_in_two_consecutive_national_elections
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