M E S S A G EThe 116th Anniversary of the Proclamation of Philippine Independence reminds us, once again, of our inspiring history, our heroes’ selfless sacrifices, and our determination to assert our rightful place in the community of nations. This year’s theme, “Pagsunod sa Yapak ng mga Dakilang Pilipino, Tungo sa Malawakan at Permanenteng Pagbabago,” reaffirms our collective resolve to continue striving for the Philippines’ remarkable transformation through good governance With the Aquino administration’s agenda bearing fruit, we envision an inclusive, just, and prosperous Filipino society; and a continued improvement in the quality of life of our people. The Department of Foreign Affairs shares these aspirations as articulated by our heroes and our champions, both past and present. These ideals drive the DFA in maintaining a principled and forward-looking foreign policy. We, therefore, call on our modern-day heroes, the overseas Filipinos, to keep the faith in the country’s future. We urge our development partners to remain confident in our bright prospects. We encourage more investments not only financially but also in strengthening integrity and other institutions for the Philippines to achieve independence from poverty, corruption, ignorance, and inequality. For this year’s Independence Day commemoration, let us celebrate the Philippines’ continued economic growth, our consistent advocacy for the rule of law, and that quintessential, indomitable, and resilient Filipino spirit. Isang tunay na makahulugang Araw ng Kalayaan sa ating lahat! (Signed)ALBERT F. DEL ROSARIO Secretary of Foreign Affairs12 June 2014, Pasay City
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Registration of NationalsFilipino citizens working/ residing in Indonesia are invited to register at the Embassy. for form
Validity of PassportsGreen passports are valid until the validity date indicated therein.
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IN THE MATTER OF AMENDING RESOLUTION NO. 9567 DATED DECEMBER 4, 2012 RE: POLICY TO BE ADOPTED FOR OVERSEAS VOTERS WHO FAILED TO VOTE TWICE FOR THE PURPOSE OF THE MAY 13, 2013 NATIONAL AND LOCAL ELECTIONSVisit http://www.comelec.gov.ph/oav/?r=tpl/oav_lists/list_of_overseas_absentee_voters_who_failed_to_vote_in_two_consecutive_national_elections
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