NOTICE OF VOTER REGISTRATION AND ELECTIONTO ALL FILIPINO CITIZENS IN INDONESIANotice is hereby given that under Republic Act. No. 9189, otherwise known as “The Overseas Absentee Voting Act of 2003,” as amended by Republic Act No. 10590, all citizens of the Philippines abroad, who are not otherwise disqualified by law, at least eighteen (18) years of age on the day of the elections, and who are registered Overseas Voters, may vote for President, Vice-President, Senators, and Party-List Representatives.All qualified Filipino citizens who are not yet registered as voters under Republic Act No. 8189, otherwise known as “The Voters Registration Act of 1996,” (the system of continuing voters’ registration) shall file for an Application for Registration as Overseas Voter. Those who are already registered under the said Rep. Act 8189 shall file for an Application for Certification as Overseas Voter (In the case of Filipinos who are now in Indonesia, this applies only to those who have previously registered as a voter in the Philippines but has not yet registered as an Overseas Voter).For purposes of the May 9, 2016 elections, the period for filing of application for registration or certification shall be from May 6, 2014 (Philippine time) to October 31, 2015 (Philippine time) at the Philippine Embassies and Consulates. The filing of application is free of charge.For currently registered Overseas Voters who have already changed residences, requests for transfer of voter’s registration records may be filed at the Philippine Embassies and Consulates, or at the Office for Overseas Voting (OFOV) of the COMELEC within the abovementioned registration period, but should be done at least 180 days before the start of the voting period.The 30-day voting period will start on April 9, 2016 (Philippine time) until 3:00pm of May 9, 2016 (Philippine time) at the Philippine Embassy or Consulate having jurisdiction over the place of where the Overseas Voter is registered. (The time for voting will be announced later).For further details, please contact Vice-Consul Jed Martin Llona at the Embassy of the Philippines in Jakarta through telephone number +6221 310 0334 or email at jakartape@gmail.com.Embassy of the PhilippinesNo. 25 Jalan Imam Bonjol, Menteng 10310, JakartaDFA Overseas Voting Secretariat (Manila) COMELEC (Manila)www.dfa-oavs.gov.ph www.comelec.gov.phTel. Hotlines: +632 8344361; +632 8343275; Tel. Hotlines: +632 5222251; +632 8330914 +6325212952; +6325239924
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Registration of NationalsFilipino citizens working/ residing in Indonesia are invited to register at the Embassy. for form
Validity of PassportsGreen passports are valid until the validity date indicated therein.
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IN THE MATTER OF AMENDING RESOLUTION NO. 9567 DATED DECEMBER 4, 2012 RE: POLICY TO BE ADOPTED FOR OVERSEAS VOTERS WHO FAILED TO VOTE TWICE FOR THE PURPOSE OF THE MAY 13, 2013 NATIONAL AND LOCAL ELECTIONSVisit http://www.comelec.gov.ph/oav/?r=tpl/oav_lists/list_of_overseas_absentee_voters_who_failed_to_vote_in_two_consecutive_national_elections
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