NEW SCHEDULE OF FEES(Effective 16 August 2015)PASSPORT SERVICES A. Regular Passport 1. Processing/Issuance of e-passport – 2. Amendment - 3. Replacement of lost passport - B. Travel Documents: 1. Proc./ Issuance to Phil. Citizens who can"t be issued a regular passport Stateless individuals who are permanent residents of the Philippines - 2. Processing for renewal or extension of travel documents under 1 above - VISA SERVICES: A. Processing/Issuance under fol. Classification per Philippine Immigration Act of 1940, as amended.: 9(a) Temporary Visitor Visa for pleasure/business/health for a stay of more than 30 days: 1. Single entry valid for 3 months - 2. Multiple entry valid for 6 months - 3. Multiple entry valid for 1 year - 9(a) Temp. Visitor Visa for visa-required nationals 1. Single entry valid for 3 months - 2. Multiple entry valid for 6 months - 9(b) Transit Visa, single entry valid 3 months for stay not more than 72 hours. 1. For non-visa required nationals - 2 . For visa-required nationals - 9(c) Seaman Visa (Individual) - 9(c) Crewlist of Vessels: 1. With crew members not more than forty (40) - 2. From forty one (41) to one hundred (100) crew members - 3. From one hundred one (101) to two hundred (200) crew members - 9(d) Treaty/Trade/Investor Visa - 9(e) Foreign Govt. Official/Dependents - 9(f) Student Visa - 9(g) Pre-arranged Employment Visa - 47(a)(2) Special Non-Immigrant Visa not exempted from payment of fees - 47(b) Refugee - B. Processing/Issuance of Non-Quota Immigrants Visa (All Categories under 13A-F) - C. Processing /Issuance of quota immigrant Visa under Section 13 of the Philippine Immigration Act - D. Request for Extension of Re-entry Permit or Special Return Certificate - Other Fees: Application for transfer of visa authorization from one post to another - Certification of Visa application - NOTARIAL SERVICES/MISCELLANEOUS SERVICES: A. Registering Documents: 1. Solemnization of Marriage - 2. Certification of witness to marriage FA Form No. 41 - 3. For registration of election of Phil. Citizenship/reacquisition by repatriation - 4. Administering an oath and issuance of certificate thereof - 5. Acknowledgment of a deed or power of attorney - 6. Authenticating the official character of a foreign or local notary - 7. Authenticating of veterinary certificate (dogs, cats, pets, etc.) - 8. For taking, transcribing and recording depositions for each page - 9. For every page of translation and fraction thereof - 10. Certificate for sealing the metal casket - 11. Any Other Certificate - B. Waiver fee, P.D. 1466 (Coll. For Marina) - C. Travel Tax Exempt Certificate (FSC 323-87) - D. Sale of FA Form 60 (Crewlist Form per sheet) - E. Fax: To advise Manila on visa etc - F. Passport/Visa verification; Request authority with fax reply -
IDR 900,000.00IDR 300,000.00IDR 2,250,000.00 IDR 450,000.00IDR 450,000.00 IDR 450,000.00IDR 900,000.00IDR 1,350,000.00 IDR 600,000.00IDR 1,200,000.00IDR 300,000.00IDR 600,000.00IDR 300,000.00 IDR 1,500,000.00IDR 2,250,000.00IDR 3,000,000.00IDR 6,000,000.00GratisIDR 3,750,000.00IDR 6,000,000.00IDR 6,000,000.00GratisIDR 2,250,000.00IDR 2,400,000.00IDR 2,250,000.00IDR 1,500,000.00IDR 375,000.00 IDR 900,000.00IDR 375,000.00IDR 900,000.00IDR 375,000.00IDR 375,000.00IDR 375,000.00IDR 375,000.00IDR 375,000.00IDR 375,000.00IDR 900,000.00IDR 900,000.00 IDR 900,000.00 Gratis IDR 15,000.00 IDR 150,000.00 IDR 300,000.00
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IN THE MATTER OF AMENDING RESOLUTION NO. 9567 DATED DECEMBER 4, 2012 RE: POLICY TO BE ADOPTED FOR OVERSEAS VOTERS WHO FAILED TO VOTE TWICE FOR THE PURPOSE OF THE MAY 13, 2013 NATIONAL AND LOCAL ELECTIONSVisit http://www.comelec.gov.ph/oav/?r=tpl/oav_lists/list_of_overseas_absentee_voters_who_failed_to_vote_in_two_consecutive_national_elections
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